We offer Chocolate and Dessert Catering for all corporate, office, and home events. This includes custom chocolate with logos, molded bars, chocolate showpieces and thematic chocolate as well as custom cakes and pastries to uniquely suit your style or what you are intending to communicate with your audience.

We offer chocolate gifts for your clients and co-workers such as our Soul of Manitoba Gift Baskets (filled with made in Manitoba products build to suit your spending plan) and various premium boxes of chocolates.

We provide a wide selection of creations (whether just a few chocolate items or 100s or 1000s of items) at a wide range of pricing to suit your needs best with our in-city delivery and shipping options.

Would you like us host a chocolate tasting, a super fun, very informative session on chocolate via Zoom, Google meet etc for your organization? We are fully equipped to accommodate this.

Please scroll through our gallery section to view some of our chocolate work, and contact us to find out what we can do for you specifically.

Sharing our chocolate joy with you always~

Winter 2023