Chocolate Kit

In-shop only or call for delivery (Winnipeg only)
Our NEW Chocolate Kit items listed below are derived from the recipes we use for your favourite chocolate  you have come to love over the years at Chocolatier Constance Popp. You add the liquid ingredients (dairy, almond milk, eggs etc) and we provide the dry ingredients, recipe and instructions.

  1. Extreme Chocolate Cake – $22
  2. Fudge Cookie – $18
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie – $18
  4. Fudge Squares – $16
  5. Chocolate Cupcakes – $20
  6. Chocolate Spicy Drink – $14
  7. Chocolate Classic Drink – $14


Please note: Taxes are extra. Order in shop to-go or over the Phone (picture) with Ray: 204-897-0689.

All orders over $50 are complimentary (Winnipeg only).

Please call the shop to see what chocolate things we have this week – pick-up or delivery.