We LOVE making our own cacao bean to chocolate bars here in St. Boniface Manitoba! We select only premium criollo beans from all over the world from certified organic and fair trade plantations!

Did you know? Cocoa plantations occur 20° north and south of the equator all around the world.


IMG_7514We have been experimenting with cacao bean to bar batches since we opened in 2007 and finally perfected our bean to bars and bean to chocolate pieces in 2014. Once we had enough chocolate to make, we designed a new mold for our new line of bean to bars.

IMG_1329Try our coffee bean and cacao bean fusion chocolate bar? Or our spicy or salty bars? Follow us on Instagram for frequent updates on our latest single origin or single plantation cacao bars and new flavours combinations we are always experimenting with.

All of our chocolate bars are packaged in compostable packaging too!

We gently roast our whole cocoa beans in very small batches and use only natural ingredients in each of our chocolate bars. Our basic bean to bar has only two ingredients: cacao beans and organic sugar cane – no added cocoa butter or lethicin – just pure chocolate!

Our more complex chocolate bars have interesting flavor combinations using different techniques – come to our Winnipeg chocolate shop and try~

We hope you enjoy our bean to bars as much as we do!

*Currently available in shop and soon to be online.